The Three Pillars of Leadership

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The Three Pillars of Leadership

Leadership ensures that all the pieces and parts work together in unison and at maximum potential. From a leading people standpoint, it is uncovering their strengths, ensuring they have the highest potential to explore and build those strengths. It ensures that their roles, jobs, and opportunities match those strengths. Leading a company is defining the vision and that mission and aligning that with core values. Hence, the whole organization moves seamlessly towards that guiding light of what we are trying to achieve. 

My role is to set the vision and articulate that vision to our staff. Our leadership team helps determine the strategy to achieve the vision. Everyone on the team has a similar moral compass. We are consistent in the application of our core values. If you have people within the company — whether in leadership roles or not — that differ significantly or do not identify with those core values, it just does not work. 


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No one gives you integrity. Integrity is one of those things where a leader must come with professional and personal integrity.
Like inspiration, vision is a crucial element of leadership in the context of innovation and integrity. Inspirational leaders must have a clear and compelling vision of where they want the firm to go and how it will differentiate itself from competitors. The vision must align with the firm’s values and principles and be communicated effectively to all stakeholders.

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