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Business, Marketing, Leadership & Creative Content Consulting services

Training customized to meet your needs for strategic growth, compelling content, and leadership development.

Business Strategy & Growth

Professional practice success combines integrated business and marketing strategies, deep technical knowledge in enterprise client management, and a focus on leadership development. Craig brings a wealth of AEC industry experience to his clients through tailored advisory services.

Marketing & Client Development

Research, planning, messaging, and client development combine to create a brand-focused marketing strategy that leverages each firm’s unique value and experience. Craig helps his clients understand their position and win more work through focused programs designed to build consistent connections to their markets

Leadership & Team Building

Leadership development, coaching, and mentoring are critical elements to building an enduring professional service firm. Craig’s personalized training programs are designed to build future leaders and a culture of collaboration founded on inspiration, innovation, and integrity.

Creative & Inspirational Programs & Keynotes

Here are programs we offer Associations & Organizations:

  • So you want to be a CMO? Be Careful What You Wish For
  • Measure What Matters: Marketing OKRs, KPIs, and ROI
  • Developing a Strategic Marketing/BD Plan: Align Message with Mission
  • Marketing Like Silicon: Using Agile to Streamline Your MarCom Programs
  • The Architecture Vision: Leadership in Your Practice
  • The Architecture of Image: Branding Your Practice
  • The Architecture of Value: Connecting Clients With Your Message

Connect with us to learn more about our Fractional Strategic Advisory services providing regular, scheduled guidance and insights into marketing strategies designed to build your practice.

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Let us help you evaluate CRM options and implement systems to leverage your client connections and build new business using automated marketing strategies.

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Leadership development often seems elusive, leaving many firms and emerging leaders in search of a clear path forward. We recognize this challenge and have a comprehensive framework for personal growth based on three crucial pillars of leadership: Inspiration, Innovation, and Integrity.

Get Our Book: Architecture of Vision: Change your vision as a leader and change the impact you bring to your team.

We develop personalized Leadership Development workshops for you and your team that provide a pathway to growth and advancement. These are held in your office or virtually, to meet your needs.

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Are you struggling to create compelling content?

Craig Park is an award-winning author with over three decades of AEC industry expertise in writing for professional service firms and journals. Connect with him to create new content for your marketing efforts, websites, and thought leadership

Leadership Development

Unlock your Potential with Customized Training & Coaching

The CraigPark.Consult team provides customized leadership development programs, ranging from 1-hour keynote presentations to half-day and full-day workshops.

Focusing on Inspiration, Innovation, and Integrity, the programs give the audience insights and assessment tools to chart their own course and achieve greater success through mastery of all the elements of visionary leadership.


Take Your Organization to the Next Level




As a future-focused architect and an award-winning marketing strategist, Craig offers a unique perspective from his work at the intersection of design and technology, with a marketer’s optimistic view of the potential for innovation.

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Craig’s original keynotes, programs, and workshops focus on what comes after what comes next: a look at the potential for new ideas and innovations that will shape the future of the professional service firm’s practice and success.



Through an appreciative inquiry approach to his advisory consulting services, Craig works with clients to determine goals, objectives, and strategies that result in sustained and enduring growth across all their markets.

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Get the steps to strengthen your ability to develop leadership with Purpose.

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Discover what clients and readers have to say about Craig Park, an accomplished consultant, author, and exceptional leadership trainer. Craig has a proven track record of transforming organizations, inspiring individuals, and igniting positive change in the world of leadership and management.

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Get personalized guidance to navigate your career path. You will benefit from a thought leader and strategist with industry-specific expertise. Engage our coaching services to facilitate his agile strategic planning framework that drives results.

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